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Hello, I'm Jon Graft

I'm a UI / UX / visual designer, front-end developer, and seasoned leader with over a decade of expertise in crafting intuitive and impactful interfaces.

A photo of Jon Graft


A showcase of projects undertaken for my employer, freelance endeavors, collaborations with friends, and personal explorations. Ranging across digital realms, these works encompass graphic design, code, and 3D models. Each piece is accompanied by a succinct description crafted by ChatGPT, offering insights into the creative process.

  1. iTwinUI logo image
    iTwinUI logo
  2. Continuity camera MagSafe mount 3d print image
    Continuity camera MagSafe mount 3d print
  3. Cup holder for fence 3d print image
    Cup holder for fence 3d print
  4. Hard.Dance infographics image
    Hard.Dance infographics
  5. Projector headboard mount 3d print image
    Projector headboard mount 3d print
  6. Fear.FM website image
    Fear.FM website
  7. iModeljs t-shirt mockups image
    iModeljs t-shirt mockups
  8. Beachglow House Party flyer image
    Beachglow House Party flyer
  9. Wedding Rave flyer image
    Wedding Rave flyer
  10. Hard.Dance flyer image
    Hard.Dance flyer
  11. iModeljs website illustrations image
    iModeljs website illustrations
  12. Jeremy Shaffer campaign image
    Jeremy Shaffer campaign
  13. iModeljs logo image
    iModeljs logo
  14. Regeneration album art image
    Regeneration album art
  15. Robin Sound branding image
    Robin Sound branding
  16. Wedding invitation suite image
    Wedding invitation suite
  17. Harz logo image
    Harz logo
  18. K9 logo image
    K9 logo
  19. Orchestral Diaries album art image
    Orchestral Diaries album art
  20. ECHD presents Audiofreq flyer image
    ECHD presents Audiofreq flyer
  21. Beyond album art image
    Beyond album art
  22. Sogma logo image
    Sogma logo
  23. Sogma Productions logo image
    Sogma Productions logo
  24. Fantasyland flyer image
    Fantasyland flyer
  25. Hammerich logo image
    Hammerich logo
  26. MnDOT shirt image
    MnDOT shirt
  27. InspectTech tradeshow booth image
    InspectTech tradeshow booth
  28. Freeze This 5 flyer image
    Freeze This 5 flyer
  29. Twin Syndrome logo image
    Twin Syndrome logo
  30. Seraina logo image
    Seraina logo
  31. Carmen album art image
    Carmen album art
  32. UNDRGRND Radio website image
    UNDRGRND Radio website
  33. HDN presents DJ Brisk flyer image
    HDN presents DJ Brisk flyer
  34. It’s Showtime album art image
    It’s Showtime album art
  35. Hardstylerz USA logo image
    Hardstylerz USA logo
  36. Donyaye Man album art image
    Donyaye Man album art
  37. The Secret album art image
    The Secret album art
  38. Play album art image
    Play album art
  39. JDX Music logo image
    JDX Music logo
  40. DreamMaster logo image
    DreamMaster logo