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Hello, I'm Jon Graft

I'm a UI / UX / visual designer, front-end developer, and seasoned leader with over a decade of expertise in crafting intuitive and impactful interfaces.

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Beachglow House Party flyer






In a harmonious fusion of beats and benevolence, I lent my creative touch to craft a vibrant flyer for the “Beachglow House Party.” Headlined by my friend Kardiak, this rave wasn’t just about music—it was a celebration of generosity. Organized by Beachglow, a philanthropic organization, all proceeds from the event aimed to provide instruments for inner-city school students. Fueled by the shared passion for the cause, I contributed my design skills to create a flyer that echoed the rhythm of giving. This endeavor, done willingly and free of charge, stands as a testament to the power of music to create positive change within communities.

Beachglow House Party flyer.
Beachglow House Party flyer.
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