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Hello, I'm Jon Graft

I'm a UI / UX / visual designer, front-end developer, and seasoned leader with over a decade of expertise in crafting intuitive and impactful interfaces.

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Fantasyland flyer






Hardstyle Family 412, led by the visionary Eric Wade, enlisted my creative touch to craft a captivating promotional flyer for the local hard dance music festival, “Fantasyland.” The design, a harmonious blend of visual dynamism and rhythmic anticipation, set the stage for an immersive experience. Simultaneously, under the alias Johnny Hardstyle, I took the helm as the rave navigator, guiding attendees through a landscape of beats and bass. This dual role in graphic design and DJing encapsulates the collaborative spirit, uniting enthusiasts for a memorable journey into the heart of Fantasyland.

Front of Fantasyland flyer.
Front of Fantasyland flyer.
Back of Fantasyland flyer.
Back of Fantasyland flyer.
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