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Hello, I'm Jon Graft

I'm a UI / UX / visual designer, front-end developer, and seasoned leader with over a decade of expertise in crafting intuitive and impactful interfaces.

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Hard.Dance flyer






In the dynamic realm of hard dance music, I conceived a vibrant promotional flyer for the revolutionary platform, “Hard.Dance.” This website and app served as a global hub, uniting enthusiasts with hard dance music events across the globe. Handed out at the culmination of concerts, raves, and music festivals, the flyer became a tangible invitation to a world of pulsating beats. Complete with social media usernames and a QR code for app download, it seamlessly bridged the physical and digital realms, ensuring that the rhythm never ceased for those seeking their next hard dance adventure.

Front of Hard.Dance flyer.
Front of Hard.Dance flyer.
Back of Hard.Dance flyer.
Back of Hard.Dance flyer.
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