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Hello, I'm Jon Graft

I'm a UI / UX / visual designer, front-end developer, and seasoned leader with over a decade of expertise in crafting intuitive and impactful interfaces.

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Freeze This 5 flyer






Hardstyle Family 412, spearheaded by Eric Wade, entrusted me with the creation of a vibrant promotional flyer for their local hard dance rave, “Freeze This 5.” The design, a visual testament to the pulsating beats that awaited, mirrored the energy of the event. Simultaneously, under the alias Johnny Hardstyle, I took the stage to amplify the rave experience. This fusion of graphic design and DJing encapsulates the collaborative spirit, bringing the community together under the banner of Hardstyle Family 412 for an unforgettable night of music and movement.

Front of Freeze This 5 flyer.
Front of Freeze This 5 flyer.
Back of Freeze This 5 flyer.
Back of Freeze This 5 flyer.
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